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CJC Media was formed in the late 90’s and throughout that time have been a trusted Media partner for various public sector agencies, including Police Scotland, NHS Scotland, Fire Scotland and The Scottish Government respectively.

CJC Media have also worked alongside the 32 Council Regions throughout Scotland and have been entrusted to carry out campaigns on their behalf.

We also have many clients from the commercial sector that have entrusted us with their campaigns. We have represented major brands like Arnold Clark, Smirnoff, Toyota, Midori, Universal Pictures, Rockness, T in the Park and The Hydro, to name just a few.

Our reputation for being a responsible media contractor has resulted in our products and services being included in the plans of all major media buyers throughout the UK.

We are known as being a specialist in socially responsible campaigns and through our products and media vehicles we can strategically place your clients in their preferred environment.

Our business is based on providing the best service possible and we are renowned for going that extra yard for our clients and their clients. Since we were formed, our clients have returned to us year on year and we have a reputation for delivering campaigns that is second to none.

CJC Media have delivered campaigns throughout Scotland and beyond since the end of the 90’s and no other media company in our field can offer the products, environments or service that we have provided for our clients in that time.

We have an infrastructure in place that has taken many years to develop;           Building over 4000 permanently positioned media vehicles pan Scotland providing over 8.2 million impacts a month from our Indoor panels alone. (Equation=2,440 panels, footfall of 2.85 x 2.9 impacts per person).

We have also built up over 1000 Outdoor Panels throughout Scotland. The panels are strategically placed in heavy populated areas throughout all major towns and cities and can have an impact on potential clients via walking or any form of transport that frequents any pavement or road.

CJC are proud to have the clients we have, although they had to be earned. The Scottish Government and the agencies associated with them have trusted us to deliver time and time again.

We understand that the delivery of strategic or ambient media is all about trust, however, it is also important that our clients have an accountability process they can use as back up, if needed. CJC have invested heavily in our Accountability system which allows our clients and their clients, access to our password protected server. No matter the environment or campaign, our system will confirm full back up accountability for the Campaign taking place.

CJC Media recognise that our clients have a responsibility to their clients for full accountability that the campaign that has been booked is carried out in full, our system takes out any risk and gives 100% peace of mind.

In summary, we will strategically deliver the right product to the right environment and you can guarantee that it will be delivered professionally and efficiently.


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