Advans – 48 Sheet Mobile Billboards

48 Sheet backlit advans take your advertising campaigns where traditional advertising mediums are not present.

Mobile billboards reach hard to access venues and can be geographic target specific. Combined with geographically booked poster panels your next campaign will be a successful one.

Why use mobile billboards

  • Double sided poster displays
  • Static or mobile advans do attract attention
  • Backlit billboards with outstanding effect
  • Industry standard 48 sheet size (6000cm x 3000cm)
  • Specifically target areas
  • Specifically target times
  • Detailed journey and route reports
  • Photographic evidence and full accountability
  • Reach places traditional media is not present
Outdoor Mobile Advan solutions are perfect for:
  • Poster unveilings
  • Campaign and product launches
  • New corporate identity
  • Tactical awareness
  • Awareness building
  • Close to the point of sale
  • Impact and memorable medium
  • Directional poster sites
  • Arrests attention
  • Spikes competitive outlets
  • Cost effective ad campaigns

In addition to all the features above our advans also house an optional rear poster area for added value and impact.