Street Media


Our street media is delivered by placing custom made stencils on to specified pavements, we then produce the media with the use of a pressure washer or chalk stencils.

The pressure wash stencil can be described as a natural media that when sprayed upon removes dirt and grim from the pavement to leave a design that is in contrast with the not so clean pavement that remains.

In contrast, our chalk stencil will be dropped on the specified area and then either sprayed or rolled upon to create your design.

For the last 5 years CJC Media have delivered ‘The No Knives Better Lives Campaign’ on behalf of The Scottish Government. We have taken the stencils to the heart of the communities requested by both Police Scotland and the Government themselves. Research tells us that the stencils are strategically placed in the environment where they will have the biggest impact. The stencils placed by CJC Media are one part of a hugely successful campaign so far.

Part of our service when delivering the stencils is to deal with all planning and advertising consents with the relevant Council, if applicable. After many years of providing this service CJC Media are known and trusted by the Council to carry out the stencilling in a professional manner.