I Pad ‘real time’ uploads

CJC uses a unique tracking service to ensure our clients know the exact status of their campaign.

During any campaign each one of our colleagues will take photos, upload spread sheets and have a real time GPS tracker system on them at all times. This allows us to upload all information, collated instantaneously, which in turn, allows your client to view the campaign as it happens.

This system also guarantees 100% accountability of times, places, postings and placements.


trakerUnique to CJC Media, we have invested in a GPS tracking system that allows your client and you to view your campaign being posted in ‘real time’ through our secure client only server. Below is a sample from our online tracking page.

The accountability tracking system was something that I introduced around 5 years ago to give our clients peace of mind during campaigns. We have a tracking system that our colleagues carry with them as the travel throughout Scotland; our clients can log on to our website and monitor exactly what day, time and minute that the delivery or posting takes place. This system guarantees the 100% accountability of the posting it goes without saying that if you pay you want to guarantee display!

Maintenance & Servicing

CJC Media prides itself in ensuring your message is displayed in the most professional manner possible. We understand the importance of how good your ad has to look, especially with the work that goes into a creative. Therefore, our operations staff are constantly maintaining and servicing our frames to maximize the impact your message has once inside.

  • Damaged frames are repaired within 72 hours of being reported.
  • Photo’s taken of posting.
  • Tamper proof frames- specific key needed to open.
  • Each venue is chosen specifically to meet the needs of our various client campaigns.