Clean Glasgow


Clean Glasgow Initiative




Glasgow City Boundary Area


Bar Media Indoor & Outdoor


case_study_003Clean Glasgow is a campaign with a straightforward goal – to make our city and every neighbourhood within it a cleaner, safer place. The aim of our campaign is to clean up Glasgow and make it a cleaner place for people to work, children to play and everyone to visit.


Glasgow City Council created a campaign that used media from newspapers, radio, council vehicles, leaflets and CJC Bar Media.

We fitted the campaign in post code specific bars to guarantee coverage within the city boundary area. On conclusion the city council evaluated the campaign and based on the question “Have you seen or heard any of the elements of the Clean Glasgow Campaign that are on this card?” the following responses were collated.


CJC Media Indoor Panels 44% and CJC Media Indoor Panels 43% topped the survey ahead of radio, press and all other media booked at a fraction of the cost. - Source: Glasgow City Council