Chlamydia Awareness


Chlamydia Awareness Message


Males & Females 18-30 Lanarkshire


Lanarkshire Health Board Area


Media Vinyl


Lanarkshire Health Board needed a media that would allow them to be post code and gender specific where they could engage with sexually active 18-30 year olds and give them facts on Chlamydia and more importantly a call to action response mechanism to seek help and testing opportunities.


CJC Media took the campaign message and response details and produced a Media Vinyl that was posted as per the specific area requests from the client.  By posting 10-12 of the target bars a month the client was able to react to requests for testing and recorded the following.

Compared to previous campaigns using other media to target the same audience here is how the Media Vinyl compared.

Requests for testing kits grew to 100 per month.

  • Average return rate using previous format was 21%
  • Average return rate using CJC Media Vinyl format was 60%

Three times more of the target audience reacted positively to the Media Vinyl

  • Gender split reacting to previous format was 75% fem – 25% male
  • Gender split reacting to CJC Media Vinyl format was 58% fem – 42% male

The difficult to target male audience reacted more positively to the Media Vinyl.


Such was the success of the Media Vinyl in engaging with and delivering responses from the target audience the client extended their coverage by another 10 months. - Source: Lanarkshire Health Board