Safety Camera Partnership


Safety Camera Partnership


Drivers and Holidaymakers


Pan Scotland


Indoor and Outdoor panels plus Drink Mats


CJC Media were commissioned by the Safety Camera Cut Crashes to produce a media campaign on behalf of every police authority in Scotland. There were 12 different police authorities involved and the campaign was a huge success. Initially we liaised with each police force on a local level and in turn were able to provide them with coverage on a National level. This massively increased their buying power and in turn benefited from greatly reduced media rates on their Indoor, outdoor Media Panels and Drink Mats with the same message and personalised logo.


We incorporated the collective buying power of all police authorities in Scotland and passed on the savings to each local authority allowing them to have the coverage they needed for each area. Every police force benefited from reduced drink mat prices, therefore,  and increased their coverage (over a million drinks mats were produced). The real advantage that every police force involved had the coverage they needed to make their campaign a success.