Inflatable Billboards

Inflatable billboards

Inflatable Billboards provide great roadside, city or town centre advertising sites that can be set up in less than 1 hour! Inflatable billboards can be set up almost anywhere (permissions pending) nationwide and with endless possibilities.

We operate 48-sheet standard billboard sizes but can provide up to 96-sheet size. If you want a totally unique bespoke inflatable billboard we can fabricate an inflatable to whatever shape and size you require.

Inflatable billboard displays are the perfect media for:
  • A last minute ad campaign bolt on
  • Attracting maximum attention
  • Campaign and product launches
  • New corporate identity
  • Tactical awareness
  • Awareness building
  • Website launches and promotions
  • Impact and memorable advertising
  • Directional poster sites
  • Poster unveilings
  • Targeting competitive outlets
  • Cost effective ad campaigns