Bespoke Social Media Campaigns

For 15 years now CJC Media have introduced various products and services to the market place due to the demands of our clients and our new Social Media Packages are no different.

Through our Social Media Booth we have provided a digital solution for our clients and their clients. However, we decided we wanted to take things a bit further and provide a service that can strategically target the most sought after demographics with pinpoint accuracy

What are Social Media Campaigns?

Social Media has now became a part of our day to day lives with more and more people through various platforms such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and many many more. Adding the growth of YouTube, iTunes, Vimeo and other content sharing sites you will start to see why Social Media has automatically become a part of any strategic marketing plans.

Access to Social Media sites has now been made easier due to the popularity of smart phones, tablets and other similar 3 and 4G network devices. This has led to a massive increase on the level of activity in Social Media and the ability to access information while mobile and anywhere in the world.

What can CJC Media do for you?

Through various Social platforms we can provide a full bespoke social media campaign. With our knowledge and expertise we can get your client or you in front of a huge generic audience or we can provide a pinpoint, strategic, campaign that can target the most unusual demographic, if need be.