A3 Indoor Bar Panels

What do we offer?

Our A3 Indoor Panels are all placed in the Social environment.

If your client or you want to target an audience aged between 18 and 80 then we have the right environment for you. The audiences that we can put you in front of consist of;

  • 18-30 year olds who frequent the trendy bars in major towns and cities.
  • Students who socialise in venues in and around the Colleges and Universities they attend.
  • Community venues that have various age groups and social standing. 

Direct Response Media Options

Add our Direct Response Media options to the A3 panel , this adds an interactive theme to the A3 poster via;

QR Codes:

Will give the consumer the opportunity to turn a two dimensional poster into a video, a TV advert or straight to a website landing page. The QR Code can also be monitored to give accountability to the campaign. 

NFC Chip 

Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smart phones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few inches.

Present and anticipated applications include contactless transactions, data exchange, and simplified setup of more complex communications such as Wi-Fi.

Communication is also possible between an NFC device and an unpowered NFC chip, called a “tag”.

Tear off slips 

An opportunity for the consumer to take away relevant information about the campaign or brand.

By adding the relevant information to our Direct Response Tear- Offs, you can be sure potential consumers will have the opportunity to act upon the slip instantly or sometime in the near future.

Like all the other interactive media vehicles that can be provided with the A3 panel, the tear off slip can include full accountability if the client wants to include a code for traceability.

Our A3 frames provide

  • High quality, silver A3 frames that hold artwork inside.
  • Bolted to wall and artwork secure: key needed to open frame.
  • Dispensers can be attached.
  • Always positioned at most prominent viewing areas.
  • Tear of slips that are secured within the frame.
  • The slips can be integrated to look like the artwork
  • Double sided and full colour available.
  • Fantastic call to action opportunity.
  • Male washrooms: Above urinals
  • On the back of cubicle doors
  • Female washrooms: Above Hand-dryers
  • On the back of cubicle doors

Unique Selling Points

  • 100% accurate gender targeting.
  • Up to 6,000,000 impressions every 4 weeks.
  • Captive audience- 1-4 uninterrupted minutes of viewing.
  • People stand in line to read your advertising.
  • Impossible to ignore!
  • Communicate at a more personal level.
  • Gives the audience something to read!
  • Get to that hard-to-reach audience
  • Less clutter and competition for the viewer.
  • Point of sale advertising for bar products.
  • Platform for in-depth, thought-provoking or humorous
  • High viewer recall due to idle, private thinking time.
  • Reaches market with higher dispensable income

Some results of a recent survey generated these results:

  • 92% were able to name specific advertisers without prompting.
  • 88% recalled at least FOUR selling points in the ads surveyed.
  • 98% reacted positive or neutral to seeing ads in washroom facilities.
  • 64% classify their occupations as Professional, Managerial, or Sales.
  • 83% are between the ages of 25 and 54.
  • Viewing time 30 seconds- 3 minutes.

Statistical information from Barbour & Monroe