• Dispenser cards can be added to Washrooms posters making them more interactive and even more accountable.
  • Adds tangibility to washroom ads leading to higher recall.
  • Can be used for discount coupons, phone numbers, competitions etc.
  • Call to action opportunities directing customers to web sites, text numbers and reference points

2 Types

  • Unique “Z-notes” system allows only one slip to be removed at a time view our Media Vinyl here
  • As one note is removed, another automatically replaces it.
  • 2 or 4 colour notes can be double-sided.
  • Notes are 102mm x 77mm
  • Holder includes 125 slips.


  • Business card sized dispenser cards.
  • Will fit easily into wallets/purses and increases likelihood of use at POS
  • More easily recognizable in wallets than simple paper Z-Notes

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